ANS Ingredients a full service company and can assist you in the various phases of the Natural Products Industry including importer/exporter services, wholesale vitamins and supplements, private labeling, and marketing. ANS Ingredients, Inc. has a variety of services to suit your needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. ANS Ingredients Inc. provides raw materials to many companies across the United States and transports products internationally. Many people today use supplements as a means for gaining nutrients not received from food, to build muscles, and help support immunity. For as many as 40 percent of American adults--about 100 million of us--these pills have become nutritional staples. They're also the backbone of a thriving, $80-billion-per-year industry with an annual growth rate of 9.7%. A healthful, balanced diet supplies the body with sufficient nutrients to carry out routine tasks. However, supplements are a great way to replace the nutrients that we do not receive from our food.

We can direct you to a diverse range of supplements and manufacturers which address widespread health concerns. Each vitamin and supplement has the availability for customization depending on the client's needs.

• Bulk Raw Materials
• Bulk Commodities
• Bulk Soft Gels

ANS Ingredients Inc. specializes in importing and exporting raw materials to create a customized products. As well as importing these products, ANS is able to distribute the finished customized products to the buyers of your choice.

• Global sourcing and securing of raw materials from: China, India, Japan, etc.
• Distribution: rapid shipment by UPS / Fed Ex/ Truck/ Rail